I was married 12 years it took 9years to have my miracle baby my only son. | Where is Map

I was married 12 years it took 9years to have my miracle baby my only son.

I just wanna share my story not for praise or attention but to say i love each one of you and im here for you and know how u feel and im praying for each one of you and think u all are beautiful! I was married 12 years it took 9years to have my miracle baby my only son.

He was 4 when he witnessed his day sexually assult me and put me in the hospital. All because he claimed i was cheating on him. I had recently lost 187 pounds it was stress from my gramma being sick and i was mommy wife and wking two jobs then driving daily to the hospital my gramma was at. I wish i had time for an affair so daily for two months je verbally would assult me ruining my babys 4th birthday. We have been divorced 7years now and he was the one who must have been cheating as his dtr was born literally 9mos from the day i kicked him out.

Then i met my fiance who turned out to be a major bipolar alcoholic so for four years out of the six we have been together he was a train wreck verbal abuse cheating only online not physically due to his drunkeness .i prayed over him every day for four years. He hurt tried choking me and i kicked him out broke it off. Je got arrested and promised he waa done.he gave his life to god.

So his probation officer begged me to help him so he could graduate drug court and go to rehab. I did and he graduated and i watched him grow. Today hes been sober 2 and a half years. I only say this because there is always hope and always prayers that are answered i asked god first should i give him another shot.

He said yes and he is amazing he loves my son like his own and loves me but only because he puts god first and battles the struggle of addiction and mental illness so pray about your situation god hears you now i knw some on here dont believe ..

I understand just know god loves you anyway and he will always protect and guide his children. By no means do i think anyone should stay in an abusive relationship ever!!!! talk to someone pray about it and knw all with fall into place i just shared this to say there is always hope there is always a shoulder to cry on i love each one of you and think you all are beautiful and amazing ! Thanks for letting me share a lil of my long story xoxoxo

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