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I met this man

I need advice please? I met this man, things were going really well. He made no secret of the fact that he liked me. From the beginning he said that he just needed a bit of time to heal from his previous relationship, but that did not stop him from kissing me passionately, always holding my hand in public, calling me sweet little pet names.

He even introduced me to his children and he met mine. We also met each others family members. He included me in all his activities and even spoke about what we should do during the Festive Period. We saw each other exclusively and we often went on dates to the movies or dinners. On Friday I did not go to his house to allow him to spend some alone time with his children.

He does not see them often. On Saturday I went to his house and the first thing he mentioned was that he had such a full house the Friday, his kids had to sleep at his cousins house. I asked him why who slept over and he casually mentioned a woman’s name and that she had three or four boys.

I asked him later while we were alone if she slept in his bed and he confirmed that she had slept in his bed, but they were not intimate and she had been his friend long before me. I left his house soon after that because I felt sick to the bone.

Today we had quite a big argument and the only clear response that i got from him is that she is his friend and that he is loyal to his friends and that I should know my place because I am only a friend as well and he doesnt need to explain any of his actions to me.

I apologised for being such a nag and eventually his apology was: I am sorry if I have done anything wrong. For my own sanity I deleted him soon after that and then I got another text message from him asking if we can be friends, because he really wants to be friends. I am so confused! How does one handle this situation?

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