Grenada Map and Map of Grenada, Grenada on Map | Where is Map

Grenada Map and Map of Grenada, Grenada on Map

Grenada Map

Granada. Caribbean island, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, located 160 km north of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is located at 12 ° 3 ‘N 61 ° 45’ O. There are no large inland bodies of water on the island. It has an area of 340 square kilometers, and the coast is 121 km long.
The official language is English, the form of government is a parliamentary monarchy, whose head of State is the monarch of the United Kingdom, as it is part of the Commonwealth.

This small country was the protagonist in 1983 of one of the many invasions that the nations of the hemisphere have suffered by the United States under the pretense of safeguarding democracy and human rights as well as protecting the lives of Americans.

Grenada on Map
Grenada on Map
Map of Grenada
Map of Grenada
Grenada Map
Grenada Map

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