Fresno Map and Map of Fresno, Fresno on Map | Where is Map

Fresno Map and Map of Fresno, Fresno on Map

Fresno Map

The largest city in the Central Valley is a surprisingly vibrant resort. Seven stadiums and a few arenas appeal to sports fans, while the annual Woodward Shakespeare Festival in green Woodward Park brings out Fresno’s cultural side. But don’t be fooled: this city in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, California’s most productive farming area, is basically all about agriculture.

You can see for yourself in spring when you hop on the bike or get behind the wheel and follow the hundred – kilometre Blossom Trail when the fruit and nut trees are in full bloom. In summer, this road turns into the Fresno County Fruit Trail, and then there are endless rows of roadside fruit stalls selling fresh ripe seasonal produce.

In the city, you can visit the Forestiere Underground Gardens, an underground living space that an Italian immigrant created by hand when he discovered that during the hot summers in the Central Valley, you can live cool and comfortable underground.

Children love the Chaffee Zoo, especially the happy fin-feet at Sea Lion Cove. In the numerous galleries and artist studios of Fresno’s mural District, you’ll find high – quality handmade souvenirs-the twice-monthly free ArtHops are a great way to get to know the art scene. After dark, the neon lights of Restaurants and Clubs light up the Tower District.

Map of Fresno
Map of Fresno
Fresno on Map
Fresno on Map
Fresno Map
Fresno Map

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