Fiji Map and Map of Fiji, Fiji on Map | Where is Map

Fiji Map and Map of Fiji, Fiji on Map

Fiji Map

Fiji is an island country of Oceania, consisting of 322 Islands and about 500 islets, located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Fiji’s main island is known as Viti Levu, and it is from it that the name Fiji comes from, since its common pronunciation in English so sounds in the neighboring islands of Tongay also comes from the Latin vitis which means ‘Vine’.

Fiji’s first inhabitants came from Southeast Asia long before they were discovered by European explorers in the 17th century.

However, it was not until the NINETEENTH century, the europeans came to the islands to settle permanently. The islands underwent British control as a colony in 1874. Independence was granted in 1970, although Queen Elizabeth II continued to reign in the country. In 1987 a coup would enact the Republic, which remains today. A new constitution was created, egalitarian between the two great ethnic groups of the country, Indians and native Fijians.

Map of Fiji
Map of Fiji
Fiji on Map
Fiji on Map
Fiji Map
Fiji Map

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