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Chicago Map and Map of Chicago, Chicago on Map

Chicago Map

Chicago, known colloquially as “Second City” (The Second City) or “Windy City” (The Windy City), is the third city with the greatest number of population in the united States, behind New York and Los Angeles.
Chicago is located in the state of Illinois, along the southwest coast of Lake Michigan. It is part of Chicagoland, a conurbation that also includes the peripheral counties.

The climate in Chicago is defined as continental climate and is therefore very varied, since in summer maximum temperatures can be recorded between 30 and 35 °C, and minimum temperatures from 15 to 20 °C. in winter maximum temperatures range from -10° C to 5 °C and minimum temperatures from -20 °C to -5 °C. The Lake only moderates the climate slightly. Maximum rainfall is concentrated in the spring and summer months, August being the wetest month in general, although rainfall is spread throughout the year. Snowfalls or blizzards are frequent during late autumn, and winter and can be very intense, being in the middle of the North American subcontinent, and near the lands of Canada.

Due to the flat area, the rain water must be accumulated in underground tunnels, on a temporary basis, in a system known as TARP (Tunnel and Reservoir Program), which has 168 miles of tunnels, between 90 and 100 m depth, between 3 and 11 metres in diameter, with a capacity of one million m3 each.

The climate in Chicago is continental, but this is very marked by its geographical location, since Chicago is just between the Sierra Central and the Atlantic Ocean. This causes the climate in Chicago to be characterized by extremely cold winters, warm summers and the intertime, that is, spring and autumn, quite cloudy, with frequent rainfall and sometimes accompanied by strong winds.

Map of Chicago
Map of Chicago
Chicago on Map
Chicago on Map
Chicago Map
Chicago Map

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