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Capital of Sweden?

Capital of Sweden? and Where is Stockholm? – Stockholm is capital of Sweden and biggest city in Sweden. Stockholm is also culture,art,politic and economic center in Sweden for centuries. Stockholm has become the focus of interest for tourist, because It has colour building, historical sites, Malaren like where It beautifying the city with channel and nature beaty.

Where is Stockholm

It have biggest city in country with 925 thousands people that have more than 20 percent population of country. ‘Holm’ words that have name of city, means “lands” in Swedish. Because of There are 14 big land in the city and all land is connected to city.

We can say museums heaves for Stockholm because there are 70 museums in the city. Stockholm, despite a small city, there are around 70 museums in the city and all havedifferent concepts.

What was the capital of Sweden before Stockholm?

Quick facts

Country Sweden
State Stockholm
Population 1,253,309
Elevation 28 m over sea level
Time Zone CEST
Longitude 18.064900
Latitude 59.332580
Airports Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Stockholm-Västerås Airport, Stockholm-Bromma Airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Capital of Sweden
Capital of Sweden

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