Capital of Spain? What Is The Capital Of Spain?

Capital of Spain? What Is The Capital Of Spain? – Where is the capital of Spain? Barcelona is capital of Spain. It is located north-west of Spain and also capital of Catalonia. Barceloa has neighbors such as Tarragona, Lleida and Gerona cities. It is a closed located to the border of France.

Where is the location of Spain?

Barcelona capital of Catalonia and biggest city than Madrid city in Spain, who Catalonia autonomous region. Barcelona is famous city because of that It has Gaudi and many historical sites. Barcelona that most beatiful city in the world, accept billions tourists in the every year.

Capital of Spain?

People who lived in Barcelona, used to currency Euro (EUR) and speak Catalan and Spanish that its a official languages. Barcelona has museums, historical sites, different culture and Gaudi. You can find many placeses in the city. You can see unique structures in the city.

Pictures of Barcelona

Capital of Spain
Capital of Spain – What Is The Capital Of Spain – Where is the capital of Spain

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