Capital of India? And Where is New Delhi, India? | Where is Map

Capital of India? And Where is New Delhi, India?

Capital of India? And Where is New Delhi, India? – New Delhi is capital of India and located north area of India. India is South Asia Country. Its location east of Bengal Golf, west of Arabian Sea and south of Indian ocean.

Capital of India?

Currency of New Delhi is Indian Rupi (INR). Banknots as a 5,10,20,100,500. People had spoken english and Hindi language there. Subtropical climate living in New Delhi. Summer season contiuned very long and hot, also temperatures rise to 40 degrees. You can see monsoon rains in between July and Augst months. Winter seasonally is dry. You should to go New Delhi in December month and March month.

New Delhi who one of the biggest countries of South Asia and capital of India, It is quite important a city both country and region. New Delhi is a quite cosmopolitan city that you can witness closely life of city. Despite of one of the oldest and known cities in the world, It is reconstructed current with come english people to here. Therefore, You can find both local culture and parts from English culture who they came from the 20th century, when you walking around the city.

Capital of India
Capital of India – And Where is New Delhi, India

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