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Capital of Canada

The Useally are often mixed capital of Canada. A lesser part of people thinking that Toronto is capital of Canada, But it is not true. Because of Ottowo city is capital of Canada.

What is the Capital of Canada?

Canada’s capital city, Ottawa; are established side of Ottowa river. instead of USA, Australia or Mexico, there is no federal capital region in Canada. Ottawa is a municipal district within the state. Around the Ottowa, you can find parliament building, picnic area and castle architecture. We are especially recomannig days of summer.

Where is Toronto, ON?

Where is Canada?

Name: Canada
Name: (long form) None
Name Origin: The name Canada is from the Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, which means village, settlement or land.
Capital City: Ottawa (metro pop. 1,236,240)
Canada’s Largest Metro Areas (Cities)
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD) (conversion rates)
Languages: English (official) 59.3%;
French (official) 23.2%; other 17.5%
Largest Cities: (by population) Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau, Calgary, Edmonton

Capital of Canada
Capital of Canada

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