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Capital of Alaska? On the Map

Capital of Alaska? On the Map – Juneau is capital of Alaska. Average 30 Thousands people lives there. It is one of the capital who there are no transportation in America. But, You can reach there by airline or sea.

Capital of Alaska

Juneau is a place like story city. Airline is location ocean coast. It has great views and when you get out airline, you can slowloy hangout from under the clouds who clouds is high from 3 meters from the ground. When you can go near the ocean, you can see beatiful houses into the forest on the slopes. If you rent a car or taxi, you can reach to city center 15 minutes and paid 25 dollars. There are many nice and cheap options for accommodation.

Lastly, You can walking center of Juneau. It is not a big city and walk around the streets are very pleasure. It’s houses are very beatiful and houses ranked down the slope. Moreover, The houses has super views. The streets are also colorful and there are ground colorful laid with stones.

Capital of Alaska
Capital of Alaska On the Map

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