Budapest Map and Map of Budapest, Budapest on Map | Where is Map

Budapest Map and Map of Budapest, Budapest on Map

Budapest Map

Budapest. It is the capital of Hungary, as well as its main industrial, commercial and Transport Centre.

The city of Budapest is the result of the unification in 1873 of the cities of Buda and Óbuda , on the right bank, with Pest , located on the Left Bank of the River Danube,. Buddha and Budapest itself, were the Hungarian royal headquarters in various occupations during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the modern and contemporary era until 1944 when the monarchy in Hungary disappeared.

It is subdivided into twenty-three districts (kerület) of which six are located in Buddha, Sixteen in Pest and one between them, on the island of Csepel. The climate of Budapest is temperate, with hot summers and cold and short winters. The well-known history of Budapest dates back to the ancient Roman city of Aquincum, founded in 89 on the site of an ancient Celtic camp, close to what is now Obuda. 106 until the end of the fourth Century, was the capital of the province of Pannonia.

By 896 the magiars, ancestors of the present Hungarian people, colonized the region under the command of Árpád (or Árpad), and came to inhabit the Pannonian Valley, as well as the area of Óbuda. Hungary was founded a year later in the year 1000, with the coronation of its first King Stephen I (Szent István), son of Prince Géza and great-grandson of Árpád. The city was almost destroyed by the Mongols in 1241 and the royal residence was moved to Visegrád in 1308. Buddha (pest) became the Hungarian royal seat of the country in 1408.

Map of Budapest
Map of Budapest
Budapest on Map
Budapest on Map
Budapest Map
Budapest Map

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