Being a woman entails you to be amongst of the human race. | Where is Map

Being a woman entails you to be amongst of the human race.

I have read so many posts and pretty much many comments beneath them. Some very inspiring, encouraging and some a little nerving.. but hey, that’s life!

Being a woman entails you to be amongst of the human race. Some are strong both in mind and character some wise and charaatic som bold and tough some eak and weak and run from all sorts of fear.

Keep in mind, we are all this and above more. We are a fruit salad’ some are exotoc fruits some just plain and bland! But that’s OK..

Some woman have had enduref more than they can ever possibly imagine and some have endured something and there are those who have just observed at it all from others.

Many of us have hurt like hell and some have given up and walked so far that they have almost walked off the face of this earth.

Some broken so hard to piece themselves together, and there are some who have found their ground and mended themselves. There are a handful who truly are blessed yet on the other hand some have the devil within.

Some woman are feisty and nasty, some warming and endearing, some a little reserved and cautious.. If you have it in your heart to know the difference between night and day then seperate yourself from one of the other be be that very same throughout your experience in life.

When you read an incredibly interesting book, it is the writer taking you to a place where the road of the tellings is never ending and forever interesting that with every page you turn the further and deeper the story.

It’s almost as like’ how deep is your love’ or ‘how high is the sky’ or even ‘ how hot is the sun’

We woman – females are known to be related to all four seasons.

We can crumble at the worse of times and we can spring back into such a zesty life..

Cravings we have some like it hot and spicy and some sweet and sour, what ever our delight we enjoy.

Most if not 99% are intelligent in her very own way, yet that one or two need their selves pullef in and definitely pulled up!!

For whatever your reason, season of wants and why’s and where’s, always know who you are, where you belong and love who you see in the reflection of your mirror!

Everybody deserves a platform to either set up her stage, play her role or share her tales..

Beautiful is she who see’s does gives and loves as she wishes in return for herself.

Woman who stick, stand and walk with eachother are proud of the other.

Become the icon for many to not only look up to, but to be the frame for others to look in to.. Allow everyday of your life be the teachings to others to become exactly that very same portrait of themselves..

Be the woman who is not afraid to stand alone. Yet not afraid to stand up for and to others.

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