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Am I just being paranoid?

Am I just being paranoid?

Why do I find it so odd that our neighbor (older lonely male) whom my boyfriend has become sort of friends with ask’s my boyfriend to go on a drive with him in his car just to drive around.

It doesn’t happen often & I’m assuming it’s because I’ve made it clear I find it odd. Especially when my boyfriend will leave like this after I’ve been home with his 3 kids all day & have told him it’s been a rough day with the kids (his oldest has Intermittent Explosive Disorder) & he still leaves.

Sidebar, his son had a B’Day party for a friend 1.5 hrs away & my guy took his 3 kids & my 1 kid but invited said neighbor to go with them but didn’t invite me & told me he thought I didn’t want to go because I didn’t invite myself.

My alarm bells are ringing & I just keep trying to tell myself I’m being overly paranoid, reading into it too much or jealous but it’s just “off” to me.

Is this just what guys do?

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