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5 years ago I was with a man who cheated on me and beat me

5 years ago I was with a man who cheated on me and beat me every time that I confronted him oh, I asked many times to leave and moving wasn’t an option as when we had got together I had just had surgery for blood clot and can barely walk, overtime I was able to build up my ability to walk but not before I’m different occasions I broke my ribs my collarbone my nose and the Last Straw when I walked into him and another female in my house when he thought I was out of town and he split my head open 5 inches after I kick the door in to get into the apartment cuz while I was gone he put a new lock on the door.

He would take my money and not pay me back I even tried to have him arrested once but the cop laughed and said since he had a scratch on him if I had him arrested he would arrest me too and when I asked if that was what it would take could he do it he laughed and as he got his car said why you just going to go back to him anyway, they all do. I moved out never looked back as many times as he said sorry I never entertain the idea the one day I saw on the news that he had been arrested for 2 felonies and some misdemeanors all in all he was caught with cocaine Oxycontin a scale and some weed.

I thought to myself good he finally got his karma but he bailed out and work out some deal where he was just on felony parole. well that was a couple years ago like I said but recently he had hit me up over the summer and was trying to convince me to let him stay with me for a little while claiming he just needed a vacation oh, so I asked was he still on for you girls and he said yes. I asked around and some people told me he was on the Run which was the perfect excuse I needed because even though I had constantly told him no I didn’t trust him she continues to write to me claiming he had change and is this totally different person.!

Yeah right!! So I confronted him with what I heard he denied it but then stopped writing me. that was in August. well couple days ago I woke up to a normal morning with the kids on the bus was sitting down smoking a cigarette when I see I had walking past my window to my bedroom which also happens to be my living room because I recently got custody of two of my kids and originally when I moved in it was just me and two kids now with four things change. a few minutes later I hear a knock at my door and I assumed that face I saw was the landlords worker because he was supposed to come in and fix some things with the electric, yeah when I got to the door my heart was in my throat and the first thing I could think of was what did my 16 year old do now. I open the door and I end the conversation with the Amazon customer service rep and all I could say was I have to go because well some people they are I have some people that are in my house.

I’m surprised she didn’t call 911 because if I was her that would have sounded so fishy. but the funny part is the people that knocked on my door were the police. US Marshal to be exact. it came looking for that ex that was on the Run. they asked me a few questions where can he be when’s the last time I talked to him and interested in trying to get ahold of him again for them I said the last time he tried to hit me up he asked me if you could come out here but I kind of blew them off I don’t know if it was Hugh on if I just randomly hit him up now but I’ll try, and so they left and I contacted the officer about 20 minutes later and said that he responded and that he was bringing up the fact that he still wants to see me so they told me if I could set it up so that he can get on a bus to come up to me they can pick him up on the bus to arrest him.

The Marshall even offered money for the capture of him but that it would take some time to get me the money because he would have to register me as a CI. I told him that was fine my main goal was that I just wanted to get him off the street because when he called me I heard a little kid in the background and I could possibly be saving some woman’s life beacause after everything that he’s done to me well people like that don’t change. it’s been I believe two days now going on three and I’ve been texting back and forth and he agreed that he will come up Saturday and then I am to pay the bus but because he finally admitted he’s on the Run said he cannot pick up the ticket himself so he gave me the name of a friends that will pick up the ticket for him.

I contacted the officer and let him know what was going on but I am questioning whether I am doing the right thing or not because I was not in immediate danger of him anymore, and the charges he’s on the run for have nothing to do with me either, but at the same time he was willing to come up here under false pretenses and put me and my children at risk because then I would have been harboring a fugitive without my knowledge or the cooperation of federal agents and therefore would have been found myself also sitting in a cell so I also feel like he brought me into this oh, I mean cuz why else would agents be knocking on my door looking for him if he was not already being investigated or they had not caught wind he planned on coming up here.

I could have always told him no and still have been safe and told the cops I didn’t know anything and couldn’t get ahold of him anymore and totally backed away from the situation, but like I told the officer it’s not about the money I just feel I owe it to other women to not put them at risk of coming across or having to continue to deal with somebody as low life as him when I have the power in my hands to make a choice they are not strong enough for. especially knowing that where he’s at their children that are either at risk for witnessing or experiencing it themselves. my kids had the luxury of not living with me because of the surgery I had just said so they didn’t get to see or possibly feel what I went through but nobody deserves it

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